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Monday, February 06, 2006

Mohammed cartoons from Jyllands Posten

This is the now notorious series of Mohammed cartoons that appeared in Jyllands Posten newspaper in Denmark and has sparked all this Muslim outrage around the world.
mohammed cartoon from Jyllands Posten
This is the first Mohammed cartoon originally published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. This is what all the outrage is about. Not sure what this Mohammed cartoon is meant to say.
mohammed cartoon from Denmark
I think this cartoon about Mohammed is meant to say something about the reversal of roles in Muslim society and perhaps the hiding behind Islam of terrorists.
Danish mohammed cartoon
This next cartoon in the infamous Mohammed cartoonn series is really ironic. Here is an artist hiding while drawing a cartoon of Mohammed to avoid being terrorised. Now isn't that exactly what has happened?
mohammed cartoons
From what I understand this Mohammed cartoon basically says "Wait don't worry, they are only Danish infidels. Please correct me if I am wrong.
mohammad cartoon from Danish newspaper
I have absolutely no idea what this cartoon is saying about Mohammad or Islam. Please tell me if you understand.
mohammad cartoons from newspaper
In another version of this Mohammad cartoon I saw a caption that said the Mohammad being referred to was actually a boy in class and not the Muslim prophet. Comments?
mohammad cartoons from Jyllands Posten
This next one of the Mohammad cartoons talks about womans freedom (or lack thereof) in Islam and makes some sort of comparison to other religions while addressing Mohammad.
mohammad cartoons
This Mohammad cartoon I think is actually a stab at one of the artists who drew the cartoons about how this can all ultimately be viewed as a publicity stunt. Talk about bad publicity, doubt they envisioned worldwide Muslim riots over these Mohammad cartoons.
muhammed cartoons
I think this Muhammed cartoon is meant to compare Muhammed to Jesus, with the horns on Muhammed being the obvious add in. Not sure, tell me what you think.
muhammed cartoon
This cartoon of Muhammed from Jyllands Posten is exactly the type of thing that the Muslims around the world are so upset about. It knocks their beliefs in a middle east cartoon and depicts Muhammed - 2 big no no's! 2 questions I have heard in the past regarding the virgins promised to Muslim terrorists for killing innocent people are 1)how many virgins are there, if each terrorist (martyr according to some) gets one and 2)what do the women terrorists get?
Danish muhammed cartoons
This one of the Muhammed cartoons is a bit strange and the message evades me, but apparently translates as "I don't recognise him". Something about all these different people looking or being the same as Muhammed with turbans on. Opinions please!
muhammed cartoons from Jyllands Posten
This is one of the Muhammed cartoons that has been referred to the most in this recent spate of outrage by Muslims worldwide (by the way since when is outrage at a foreign newspaper an excuse for voilence and destruction in other countries?). This particular cartoon about Muhammed really offended Muslims becauase it is a direct depiction of Muhammed (and Islam) being violent and promoting violence and death. Draw your own conclusions!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Muslims held hostage

Muslim society and Muslim fundamentalists

This cartoon touches on a very interesting point in Muslim society. The fact that for the most part Muslim "moderates" have failed to differentiate themselves from Muslim fundamentalists. Not that I am an expert on Muslim society or Muslim culture but this is how it appears to us outsiders. Cartoon comes care of MidEastTruth and Jim Morin, The Miami Herald, July 21, 2005.

Since September 11 (when the rift between Muslims and the West really widened and Islamaphobia rose dramatically) there seems to have been little effort by Muslim populations to distance themselves from Muslim Fundamentalists. I hope that this is not a function of "Muslims sticking together". This could only be to the detriment of Muslims and everyone else. This makes it extremely difficult for Western society to figure out who is a "moderate" and who is trying to destroy the world as we know it. This in turn contributes to Islamaphobia (other than mass paranoia the other main cause). What I don't understand (perhaps it's a cultural thing) is that Muslim countries and society would be better off everywhere without these Muslim fundamentalists.

I guess the question is: how many "moderates" is it going to take (since we know a majority isn't enough) to change this and how long are Muslim people just concerned with living going to let Muslim radicals and fundamentalists hold them hostage?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Hamas stops firing

Hamas cease fire

Like so many other Middle East Cartoons about Hamas and Palestinian terrorist groups this cartoon is both funny and sad. It's funny because it sums Hamas (and other terrorist groups) up so well. The cartoon is sad because it's true and unfortunately this is the reality of the Middle East and world today. Thanks to Kevin Kallaugher (Kal), Baltimore, Maryland -- The Baltimore Sun, July 20, 2005 for this great Middle East cartoon. I'm not going to go on (as we all know I can) but leave you with a thought:

The bottom line is that Hamas (and middle east terrorists in general) want everything on their terms and never put aside their agenda. We can not afford to forget who we are dealing with or be fooled by charades of "ceasefires" or "middle east peace accords". Obviously the objective is middle east peace but for ALL SIDES and ALL TIME not just as long as Hamas (and other terrorist groups) feel like it or need it.

I wrote an article recently about Hamas stopping attacks on another blog of mine devoted to Middle East Opinions, read my Middle East opinion about Hamas and their ceasefire here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Middle East Cartoons

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Palestinian power struggle

Palestinian power struggle

LOL! This cartoon is amusing and scary at the same time. IT manages to hit the nail on the head in so many regards. The basic idea is simple - that there are still so many groups vying for control of Gaza that the Palestinian innocents and "man on the street" are still external to the process and likely to get screwed again by their leaders. (Read some of my thoughts on the Gaza disengagement at Middle East Opinions) The cartoonist (Patrick Chappatte) has done extremely well in his representation of Palestinian politics and attitudes in Gaza. Even so far as to correctly represent the positions and weapon resources of the different Palestinian factions:
  • Palestinian Authority (PA) is meant to be in charge (represented by them being at the top fighting off the other groups).
  • Hamas is openly opposing the PA and even has a bigger gun which I think represents their access to weapons and superior Palestinian power base.
  • Islamic Jihad is coming up from behind but does not have the kind of power that Hamas or the Palestinian Authority does (small gun).

2 things are terribly sad but true in this Middle East Cartoon:
  • They are fighting on top of a Jewish synagogue (nothing seems to get the Palestinians as excited as desecrating or destroying other people's holy sites.
  • The Palestinian innocent stands virtually no chance of being involved in the process.
Thanks to Middle East Truth for this great cartoon from Le Temps, Geneva, September 14, 2005.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Middle East theology of murder

The next cartoon comes thanks to Mike Lester, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA from July 26, 2005. I like this middle east cartoon a lot because it addresses a huge problem in muslim society today and touches on two aspects of it.

Theology of murder

In this cartoon we see the "fat cat" Imam on the one side of the fence sitting back comfortably on his chair while one of the community members is humbly on his knees apologising for not killing people! Two aspects of this middle east cartoon are brilliant:

  • The idea of Imam's getting rich and sitting back on their asses while they get ignorant and trusting "normal people" to do their dirty work for them.
  • The fact that they do not have the balls to do the "dirty work" or killing themselves. This is someone who is meant to be helping the average Muslim to get closer to G-d and lead a better life. Meanwhile they are using their influence and position of trust to send people off to murder innocent victims in the middle east and around the world in the name of G-d!

  • So, what's the answer - get these murderers to stop preaching inciteful and hateful rhetoric or deal with them appropriately. The closeminded and totalitarian method of teaching in Muslim and most middle east countries is obviously a huge obstacle to this. Take the power to the people!

    Thursday, July 28, 2005

    Muslim fundamentalism exposed

    The next cartoon on the Middle East comes from Bruce Plante, Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga Times Free Press on July 22, 2005.
    muslim fundamentalism exposed

    This cartoon is absolutely brilliant! It's short and to the point; if blowing yourself up to kill innocent civilians is so amazing then why aren't the "learned" imams doing it. In the Middle East and all around the world (unfortunately this evil has spread) there are muslim clerics preching violence and hatred as the path to G-d. What a load of hogwash!
    The sad part is that due to the rigid propaganda system in most muslim and Middle East countries "the man on the street" doesn't stand much of a chance of figuring this out. The argument that they need to teach the masses doesn't even hold a drop of water since there are more than plenty of them teaching in the Middle East and around the world, even in most Western countries.

    This cartoon should please G-d become a reality sooner rather than later (and it does seem like the tide is turning against this ridiculous muslim fundamentalist rhetoric) where the muslim masses stand up against hateful murderous imams.