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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Enough already

The next cartoon comes from someone named Effat from Egypt. It is in colour which is a good change but unfortunately the colour alone can not even nearly compensate for the ridiculous content. This is another one of the recently popular digs at Jews and the "Jewish conspiracy" controlling world events.

The cartoon is clearly blaming Israel and/or Jews for any actions that America has taken that Effat does not agree with. Presumably this refers to recent world events like the Afghanistani and Iraqi wars. No doubt Effat believes the Jews were entirely behind this. Perhaps Jews were the ones to originally encourage Saddam Hussein to pursue weapons of mass destruction and a regime of self immortalisation and persecution. I have seen too often in recent times an opinion especially in countries like Egypt and Iran that anything the world does that Muslim states do not agree with must have been the Jews. I am quite surprised at the ego of this claim and the acclaim to the Jews. The idea that Jews would devote their lives to causing trouble for a population almost 100 times their size is ever so slightly hard to swallow. For most of time the Jews have just been trying to get people to leave them alone so that they could get on with their lives in peace. The thought that everything Jews do is motivated by a hate for another people is a joke and it is enough already!. Instead of pointing fingers and looking for the dots of the secret conspiracy take the time to understand the situation and focus on changing what is in your control. However, flattering the idea that Jews run the world, it is ridiculous, damaging and just plain enough. All this is is a modern day version of blood libels and dark ages stories of Jewish conspiracies. This was the last cartoon I have commented on from Witty World. Thanks to them for the cartoons and please visit them through this link to see the full collection of middle east cartoons.


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