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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Israel's motivation

I am not 100% sure what the message here is meant to be. It obviously blames Israel but for what I am not exactly sure. It might be the conflict, the lack of a country called Palestine, the suffering of the Palestinian people or the incompetence of the PLO in combating terrorism and furthering the cause of the Palestinians. Either way here is the cartoon followed by my thoughts.

This cartoon from Seyran Caferli of Azerbaijan is another attempt at evoking an emotional response to the situation and putting the blame squarely on Israel. The ambiguity of the message in terms of what Israel is to blame for might even be intentional. Create a greater emotional response by appealing to a wider audience. The more messages that might be in the cartoon the more people will be able to relate to the "alleged" efforts of Israel to thwart the Palestinian cause. The suggestions raised in this cartoon are almost equally ridiculous and counter productive. Let's look closer. Considering the filename says "PLO flag" it seems most likely that it was referring to PLO and PA efforts and Israel standing in their way. If the intention is to blame Israel for the failure of the PLO and/or PA to put an end to the violent campaign of terrorism waged by the Palestinians then it is laughable. Aside from the now huge infrastructure that the PA has in areas like Judea and Sameria including weapons and intelligence, the PA has openly condoned the violence and even encouraged it. One only needs to look at what Arafat says in Arabic media (kill, kill, kill) to see the real cause for this conflict. Israel and most Western countries have given the PA Billions of dollars in aid, weapons and infrastructure. Most of this money was earmarked for stopping terrorism, reversing the brainwashing of Palestinians (also thanks to Arafat), and improving life for the Palestinians. In reality most of this money has been used for only two things: buying weapons and making Arafat rich. In context it is ridiculous to blame Israel for PA failures when they try so hard to fail! It is also counter productive to the Palestinian cause as it focuses emotions against Israel instead of on a solution. A solution to any problem can only come about when the cause of the problem is identified and dealt with. If we keep telling the Palestinians they are doing nothing wrong and condone their continued murder of civilians they will never look at themselves for blame. With any continued conflict blame must exist on both sides even if to different degrees. Without acknowledging their attacks on Israel for what they truly are - attempts to destroy a country and a people - there is very little chance of them doing the work required for a meaningful peace in the region. Israel has sent many different leaders to speak to Arafat each with different viewpoints and offering different solutions (even with Barak offering 90-something percent of Palestinian demands at Camp David including East Jerusalem). Through the last few decades the Israeli leaders have changed and made peace with all neighbours in the region except for the Palestinians. The idea that Israel devotes its resources to trying to destroy the Palestinians is crazy considering that Israel was being built up by the Jews hundreds of years (or more) before the Palestinians even existed as a people. The reality is that Arafat has said no time and time again. The question should not be "What Israeli leader can make peace?" but "Why do people still think speaking to Arafat will help when he has so clearly shown his true colours time and time again?". More harm has been done to the Palestinian cause by people like Arafat and his strategy of murder than anything Israel may have done.


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