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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Motivation of the people

It has been awhile since my last post and I would like to thank everyone for their comments so far. The below cartoon is another from Jimmy Margulies, USA. This was also found on Witty World.

This cartoon has a simple message and one that is conveyed quite effectively in the cartoon. The author is asking the question what will bring about a Palestinian state? This is a cartoon that speaks not to the emotions we feel when viewing stories about Israel but to the facts and motivation behind the Palestinian drive for a state. When one considers the rhetoric of Palestinian leaders to the people, sermons in mosques calling for the destruction of Israel, the Palestinian's refusal to compromise, plus the violence itself it becomes obvious that Palestinian statehood is not the aim. This is simply the means. The aim is the end of the Jewish State using the Palestinian cause as the excuse. If we look at groups like Hamas and Al-Aqsa it is blatant that they have no interest in a shared existence or mutual cooperation for the future. Their only interest is the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews (bring on the virgins!). The unfortunate reality we face today is that through 3 generations of Palestinian propoganda we now find a generation of children believing that Israel stole their country (Israel was established as a Jewish State hundreds of years plus before Islam was founded) and that violence is the only way. This generation does not even have the opportunity of wisdom from their parents as they too were brainwashed by PA propoganda.


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