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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Palestinian culture

The next cartoon is a joke about being in the "civilized world". In this case it is talking about being amongst Palestinian suicide bombers. The satire is obviously in the phrase "civilized world" as no objective opinion would regard the targeting of civilians by strapping bombs on as civilised.

The fact that Arafat regards suicide bombers as a legitimate means to try and bring about the destruction of the State of Israel is well known. That it is so well known that political satire can be funny when dealing with it is absolutely scary! The scariest part for me is the fact that with Arafat's igniting of violence well documented, people still demand that Israel negotiate with him. Israel might as well negotiate with terrorist groups like Hamas (formed to destroy Israel and openly stating that only violence is acceptable). Unfortunately I have heard more and more people suggest ridiculous ideas like this out of desperation for an end to the violence. I've used a few cartoons from Witty World so here is the full link to this page. It is a pretty mixed selection of opinions.


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