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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Palestinian elections?

The next cartoon is also by Jimmy Margulies, USA. This deals with the topic of elections for the Palestinian leadership. The cartoon depicts Arafat as announcing his running for re-election and that the rules have been shifted into his favour. This is a particuarly funny cartoon as the notion of Arafat holding another set of elections does not look good. Especially now with his support at such a low amongst the Palestinians.

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It is true that Arafat was elected to be the head of the Palestinian Authority. The part most people forget is that he chose not to have another set of elections! For this reason (amongst others) I laugh everytime I hear the phrases "President Arafat" or "democratically elected" when referrring to Arafat. This was part of a strategy to legitimise Arafat's leadership (oxymoron) in the eyes of the world and add to the appearance of order and democaracy in Palestinian controlled areas.


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