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Friday, September 03, 2004

Starting point for negotiations

I think the below cartoon (from Steve Benson) is meant to be take a knock at the assisination of Sheik Yassin the murderer. I have chosen to speak about it in a different light.

A message that we can take from the cartoon is about the starting point for negotiations. In a world where Israel can do no right and is not allowed to protect itself negotiations can almost never result in anything meaningful or productive. Yassin was no innocent, in fact he was much more than a militant. Not only did he devote his life to murder and death (of innocents) he also focused much of his efforts on convincing other people to do the same. We can see so many levels of terrorism and intentional destruction in Yassin's life and his deeds (sins is more apt) that only a blind, deaf, senile person that has been stranded on a desert island for the last 50 years could even hope to claim Yassin an innocent. There must have been so many intellectual hurdles that Yassin had to cross to be able to spout the rethoric that he did. The message that I would like to emphasize from this cartoon is the following:
Only when the Arab world understands that they are subject to the same rules as everyone else and those they impose on the rest of the world is there a true chance of peace. When Palestinians and other fundamentalists understand that they cannot operate entirely out of the law and expecet no consequence. The time that people fear terrorism and give into if for the sake of the greater good is now passed. Terrorists can no longer act with complete malovelence targetting civilians and more and expect that the country in question will take it lying down. We need to stand up and shout loud to the four corners of the earth "we are united for the greater good and will not tolerate your attempts to destroy what we have worked so hard for". Terrorists must know that if they implore every vicious tactic under the sun to try and kill innocents for the sake of their own extremist objectives then they should expect serious and swift retribution.

Yassin can sin no more

I finished going through the middle east cartoons on Witty World and have decided to move on. A big thanks to Witty World for the cartoons and for the chance to comment. If you have not looked at the site please do.

The good news is that I am now on my next site. This is Political Humour from About.com. This was the number one site on Google for the term "middle east cartoons". Anyway back to the cartoon in question.

The cartoon for today is about Yassin who was a true terrorist and thankfully is no longer with us. This comes from Mike Lester.

This cartoon touches on perspective. It is very easy to stand by on a high moral horse and talk about utopian solutions to problems that are not our own. Too often in recent times people have tried to push their idealist "solutions" onto real-world problems and conflicts with little thought to the consequence of these actions. Too often it is a case of preserving their perceived moral integrity rather than truly being moral or trying to actually improve the world. Thanks to many things today (mostly the media) we suffer from almost global desensitisation to conflicts and suffering. For this reason it has become very easy for people to separate the intellectual aspect of a problem and try and deal with it only intellectually never feeling the pain of the situation or considering the parties involved and their perspectives. In most cases the "intellectuals" respond to these issues on an emotional level while maintaining to be objective. This creates a terrible situation whereby we don't empathise or feel any responsibility to help but maintain we are objectively looking at the situation while simply having our heart strings tugged at the whim of the media. On top of this people hardly ever make the parallels (or correct) between other situations and their own which results in many people fighting many issues separately instead of many people fighting a few issues together. Unfortunately it is usually only when we are subject to the same experience that we understand the situation truly and can see from other people's perspective. I urge you to look up again at the cartoon and think about my comments. We all know Yassin was a piece of $#^% that devoted his life to the murder of innocents. He has been dead long before the assination. The day he chose to devote his life to murder is the day that he gave it up (whether you like to think of this on a physical or meta-physical level).