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Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm back!

Hi All

Hope you missed me!

I have been so hectic with other projects that I was unable to keep this blog up to date. This blog is more of a "hobby" for me - a way to escape for a few minutes during a hectic day!

Wow! So much has happened since we last blogged.

Arafat dies
Arafat died and then didn't and then died and then didn't and then finally died. That's not even to speak of the lies surrounding the cause of his death (AIDS is one of the most popular theories on the street!). Someone made the comment to me that it was a fitting death (in terms of the lies) for someone who had devoted his life to lies. He could never tell the truth in life and even in death his name was associated with lies. It was shocking to see his family and aides fighting amongst each other and trying to get their grubby little paws on his money (i.e. the money he stole from the Palestinians) before it was too late.

Palestinian elections
Elections were held and a new leader elected. The elections were "free and fair" according to the world but Israel's presence on the border was "unsettling". That is a problem but the same South Africans who made the comments accept last Zimbabwean election and free and fair and "totally without incident". Well, love may be blind to colour (and political alliances) but diplomacy sure aint!

Mahmoud Abbas
After a long wait Abbas is the new PLO and PA leader. Looks to provide more of a chance than Arafat but let's wait and see. The key now is that there has to be a significant reduction in bombing attempts (remember that 90% of attempts are stopped) before there will be any real hope for a "meaningful" peace.

Gaza disengagement
What a hotly contested issue! Votes and votes and finally it loks like Sharon gets his way! I am still unsure as to exactly where I stand on this. One thing I do know is that the idea of Jews kicking Jews out of Jewish land leaves a bad taste in my mouth (almost as bad as the idea od Jews fighting against the IDF).

Anyway that's me for the moment.
I have some new cartoons to review (mostly from last year) and will begin on them this week. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

Till next time!

Marc K


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