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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Arafat finally helps Middle East peace

The next cartoon is from Robert Ariail, The State, South Carolina February 9, 2005.

As funny as this cartoon may be it needs a slight correction. The reason that we find a cartoon like this about the Middle East and Arafat funny is because we recognise the true part he played in the peace process - halting it! This having been said I think the cartoon is very witty and plays on the idea of Arafat's "involvement" in the Middle East peace process. In retrospect I think it is fairly obvious to all observers that Arafat was not only NOT a true partner for peace, but an active participant in terror and violence.

By no stretch of the imagination would it be fair to say that Arafat contributed anything positive to the process. I think it more fitting to say that Arafat has now been removed as an obstacle to the Middle East peace process. In other words his death removed a negative as opposed to him positively contributing anything. Other than this small distinction I think this cartoon rocks!


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