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Friday, April 29, 2005

Over Arafat's dead body

It is not often that I get to laugh at a cartoon about the Middle East, but this one did make me smile! This cartoon comes courtesy of Jimmy Margulies, New Jersey -- The Record from February 8, 2005. The reason I smiled is pretty obvious. Check it out.....
Over Arafat's dead body
The point is that not even Yassir Arafat could stop the Middle East Peace process entirely. Let's not kid, he did a helluva lot to halt it, stole billions from the Palestinian people and caused massive casualties and damage (to Israelis and Palestinians) but the process continues. I think there are two important lessons (reminders if you will) in this Arafat story:
  • G-d is in control not us
  • It is up to man in the street to exert pressure if leaders are not looking after public interest.


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