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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Muslim fundamentalism exposed

The next cartoon on the Middle East comes from Bruce Plante, Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga Times Free Press on July 22, 2005.
muslim fundamentalism exposed

This cartoon is absolutely brilliant! It's short and to the point; if blowing yourself up to kill innocent civilians is so amazing then why aren't the "learned" imams doing it. In the Middle East and all around the world (unfortunately this evil has spread) there are muslim clerics preching violence and hatred as the path to G-d. What a load of hogwash!
The sad part is that due to the rigid propaganda system in most muslim and Middle East countries "the man on the street" doesn't stand much of a chance of figuring this out. The argument that they need to teach the masses doesn't even hold a drop of water since there are more than plenty of them teaching in the Middle East and around the world, even in most Western countries.

This cartoon should please G-d become a reality sooner rather than later (and it does seem like the tide is turning against this ridiculous muslim fundamentalist rhetoric) where the muslim masses stand up against hateful murderous imams.