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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Muslim fundamentalism exposed

The next cartoon on the Middle East comes from Bruce Plante, Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga Times Free Press on July 22, 2005.
muslim fundamentalism exposed

This cartoon is absolutely brilliant! It's short and to the point; if blowing yourself up to kill innocent civilians is so amazing then why aren't the "learned" imams doing it. In the Middle East and all around the world (unfortunately this evil has spread) there are muslim clerics preching violence and hatred as the path to G-d. What a load of hogwash!
The sad part is that due to the rigid propaganda system in most muslim and Middle East countries "the man on the street" doesn't stand much of a chance of figuring this out. The argument that they need to teach the masses doesn't even hold a drop of water since there are more than plenty of them teaching in the Middle East and around the world, even in most Western countries.

This cartoon should please G-d become a reality sooner rather than later (and it does seem like the tide is turning against this ridiculous muslim fundamentalist rhetoric) where the muslim masses stand up against hateful murderous imams.


Anonymous Sandi said...

I have been looking through alot of ur posts and I know that I will back to see more.
This is very interesting. I especially like this cartoon.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Marc K said...

Thanks for the comment Sandi!

Me too, so simple yet so brilliant! I look forward to more comments from you (and your friends!).

Don't forget to add us to your favourites and spread the word about the blog!

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi im a 20 year old living in bristol and i got into an argument about the muslims reacting the way thay did.i was called a rasist 4 saying it was wrong and that i should look at the cartoons themselves. well i have and i still think it was WRONG.i am not a rasist and never will be these peaple like osama bin laden and the hate cleric abu hamza should stop preaching violence and make good use of all these peaple folloing them am i right ?

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What amazes me is not the cartoons, but the comments you are making. You are totally ignorant to the feelings of believers. I wonder if you will also appreciate the upcoming cartoons on the holocaust which are a response to the ridiculing of a religion. The world would be a better place without ignorants like you guys.

PS: if you measure the degree of democracy by whether you are allowed to ridicule prophets than it is a pretty sad democracy.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Marc K said...

Hi Anonymous (20 yr old from Bristol)

There is a huge difference between being against a race and being against actions or people that are part of a race. Unfortunately we live in a society today of extremes where things have become very polarised and people either view you as a racist or a liberal. The problem with this "liberal" view is that what society understands liberalism to be (for the most part) is not tolerance and understanding as it should be but an over-sensitised acceptance of anything in the name of religion coupled with a fear of offending people.

Please G-d one day soon in the future people will understand that a comment against or Muslim person's (or any other persuasion) action is not attack against Islam but a comment against an action! I agree with you entirely about Bin Laden and Abu Hamza. Both of them are disgusting perputuators of hate speech and violence and as far as I'm concerned are not even close to decent Muslims.

One of the biggest problems we face today is the failure by the general Muslim population to distinguish themselves from fundamentalist elements. This leaves non-Muslims in a difficult position knowing only that these elements exist within Muslim society. Bottom line - stand up for what you believe in and keep condemning those acts you know to be abhorent, just don't judge a religion, but judge people on their own actions. Well done anonymous, keep the faith!

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks that just what i wanted to hear cheers mark

3:02 PM  
Blogger Marc K said...

Hi Anonymous (believer)

Thanks for the comments.
I assume that you are not talking about the Mohammed cartoons but other cartoons I have reviewed since I did not make any comments against Mohammed. I merely stated what I thought was going on in the cartoons.

In terms of the cartoons I have reviewed previously I invite you to tell me what comments I have made that you think are insensitive to believers. I have merely stated things as they seem and have not insulted your religion in anyway. If being a believer means that you have to support all Muslims without free thought then you are not a believer but a sheep. Think about this for a second - the word believer referring to Muslims is arguably insensitive to other religions. Christians beleive too, or do they not count?

That aside, let's address your comment specifically. Now please understand I am not trying to attack you in any way or disagree on purpose we are merely exchanging opinions. This is one of my favourite aspects of the internet - the ability to freely exchange ideas globally.

First point
You speak of me being insensitive to Muslim feelings. Well some Muslim newspapers and websites (mainstream newspapers not small independant e.g. Egyptian) seem to have no problem showing hateful and insensitive cartoons about other religions. So what is the difference? Perhaps they should not have set the precedant to begin with. The phrase "do unto others..." comes to mind.

Second point
The idea of "responding" to the Mohammed cartoons with Holocaust cartoons is both ridiculous and disgusting. Firstly it was not Jews who published the cartoons but a newspaper in Denamrk. Secondly it shows that despite your claims and complaints about sensitivity to others you clearly have none (if you cared so much about people respecting you, you would respect others even a little). Making a mockery out of such a large scale genocide is callous to say the least. Thirdly it unfortunately for moderate and decent Muslims shows the true nature of fundamentalism and your underlying hatred for others. If you are so quick to respond with an attack against the Jews then one can easily see what your true feelings and agenda are. (Thousands of people don't take to the street in protest on their own without leadership and organisation. Aside from that violence and flag burning are not displays of protest but actions of intolerant fundamentalists).

Third point
In terms of democracy I do agree that there is a line between freedom of expression and hate speech. In this case I am not sure that it has been crossed (definitely not by all of the cartoons, some are quite tame). Please remember that there is a BIG difference between someone being offended and hate speech and inciting violence (which has been a huge problem amongst some Muslim leaders in recent times). The free speech versus tolerance etc is a complicated balancing act and I would love to speak more about it.

I look forward to hearing you opinions. Please feel free to be specific about comments I have made. I am always open to hearing other people's points of view. Thanks.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

hi mark its student from bristol. i enjoyed your points as u tell it as it is and youv certainly helped me with my problem. to say that it is arogant is false. thanks for your time and i will be back to chat soon. and dont listen to them few peaple who doubt what u say as thay dont matter cheers scott

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Bish said...

hi, im a orthodox christian from alexandria, north of egypt. Im curretnly a student in australia and lived in egypt for bout 5 years. throughout being in eypgt and from first hand experience i know that christians and non muslims have a hard and difficult life. im sick of hearing about how great islamics are and such talk bout their respect for non-believers are because what goes on behind the media is un beleievable. christians in egypt have a great difficulty achieving anything, they cannot get good jobs, or good education unless great academic efforts, plus most of any opportunities i take for granted are treasured by the christians in egypt. i enjoy some muslims and think that some of the people are nice, but as for the beliefs and practices i think they are greatly 'misunderstood' not by the muslims themselves but by each and every person in todays society. i think we should take a wider look at whats really happening and see the real damage these people are doing and dig a bit deeper and see the effects behind the scenes.

12:39 PM  

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