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Friday, September 30, 2005

Hamas stops firing

Hamas cease fire

Like so many other Middle East Cartoons about Hamas and Palestinian terrorist groups this cartoon is both funny and sad. It's funny because it sums Hamas (and other terrorist groups) up so well. The cartoon is sad because it's true and unfortunately this is the reality of the Middle East and world today. Thanks to Kevin Kallaugher (Kal), Baltimore, Maryland -- The Baltimore Sun, July 20, 2005 for this great Middle East cartoon. I'm not going to go on (as we all know I can) but leave you with a thought:

The bottom line is that Hamas (and middle east terrorists in general) want everything on their terms and never put aside their agenda. We can not afford to forget who we are dealing with or be fooled by charades of "ceasefires" or "middle east peace accords". Obviously the objective is middle east peace but for ALL SIDES and ALL TIME not just as long as Hamas (and other terrorist groups) feel like it or need it.

I wrote an article recently about Hamas stopping attacks on another blog of mine devoted to Middle East Opinions, read my Middle East opinion about Hamas and their ceasefire here.


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