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Monday, September 19, 2005

Palestinian power struggle

Palestinian power struggle

LOL! This cartoon is amusing and scary at the same time. IT manages to hit the nail on the head in so many regards. The basic idea is simple - that there are still so many groups vying for control of Gaza that the Palestinian innocents and "man on the street" are still external to the process and likely to get screwed again by their leaders. (Read some of my thoughts on the Gaza disengagement at Middle East Opinions) The cartoonist (Patrick Chappatte) has done extremely well in his representation of Palestinian politics and attitudes in Gaza. Even so far as to correctly represent the positions and weapon resources of the different Palestinian factions:
  • Palestinian Authority (PA) is meant to be in charge (represented by them being at the top fighting off the other groups).
  • Hamas is openly opposing the PA and even has a bigger gun which I think represents their access to weapons and superior Palestinian power base.
  • Islamic Jihad is coming up from behind but does not have the kind of power that Hamas or the Palestinian Authority does (small gun).

2 things are terribly sad but true in this Middle East Cartoon:
  • They are fighting on top of a Jewish synagogue (nothing seems to get the Palestinians as excited as desecrating or destroying other people's holy sites.
  • The Palestinian innocent stands virtually no chance of being involved in the process.
Thanks to Middle East Truth for this great cartoon from Le Temps, Geneva, September 14, 2005.


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